MedStar Rehabilitation’s Hip Physical Therapy program is a comprehensive approach to treating hip injuries and conditions. Their team of experienced physical therapists works closely with patients to develop personalized treatment plans that address their specific needs and goals. In addition to the Hip Physical Therapy program, MedStar Rehabilitation also offers home care physical therapy and Best Sports Physical Therapy


MedStar Rehabilitation Hip Physical Therapy

The inability to move about freely and conduct routine tasks is only one way in which hip injuries and diseases may drastically reduce a person’s quality of life. MedStar Rehabilitation’s Hip Physical Therapy program is designed to help patients overcome these challenges and achieve optimal hip function and mobility.


What MedStar Rehabilitation Hip Physical Therapy Offers:

MedStar Rehabilitation’s Hip Physical Therapy program offers a range of services to patients, including:

Hip Physical Therapy

Evaluation and Assessment:

Their team of physical therapists conducts a thorough evaluation and assessment of each patient’s hip condition to determine the best course of treatment. This includes assessing their range of motion, strength, and flexibility.

Personalized Treatment Plans:

Based on the results of the evaluation and assessment, MedStar Rehabilitation’s team of physical therapists develops personalized treatment plans that address the patient’s specific needs and goals. These plans may include exercises, manual therapy, and other modalities to improve hip mobility, strength, and function.

Pain Management:

Hip injuries and conditions can cause significant pain and discomfort. MedStar Rehabilitation’s Hip Physical Therapy program offers various pain management techniques, including manual therapy and therapeutic exercises, to alleviate pain and improve overall comfort.

Education and Training:

MedStar Rehabilitation’s physical therapists provide patients and their families with education and training on how to perform exercises and other activities at home. They also provide education on injury prevention and lifestyle modifications to promote healing and reduce the risk of future injuries.

Monitoring and Follow-Up:

Their team of physical therapists closely monitors patients’ progress and makes adjustments to treatment plans as needed. They also provide ongoing follow-up care to ensure that patients are meeting their goals and achieving the best possible outcomes.


Why Choose MedStar Rehabilitation Hip Physical Therapy:

If you are in need of hip rehabilitation services, there are several reasons why you should choose MedStar Rehabilitation Hip Physical Therapy.

Hip Physical Therapy

Experienced Therapists:

The team of therapists at MedStar Rehabilitation Hip Physical Therapy are highly trained and experienced in hip rehabilitation. They are well-versed in cutting-edge procedures for hip injuries and surgical repair.

Comprehensive Care:

The program provides a full range of rehabilitation services to address all aspects of hip rehabilitation. In addition to physical therapy, patients may receive occupational therapy to help them regain their daily living skills and skilled nursing care to manage any medical needs.

Personalized Treatment:

The rehabilitation program is tailored to the individual patient so that they may achieve their own objectives. The rehabilitation team takes into account factors such as the patient’s medical history, lifestyle, and rehabilitation goals when designing their plan.

State-of-the-Art Equipment:

MedStar Rehabilitation Hip Physical Therapy utilizes the latest equipment and technology to provide the best possible care for patients. Patients may benefit from the program’s specialized equipment in a number of ways, including increased strength, mobility, and range of motion.

Pain Management:

Hip surgery or injury can be incredibly painful, and pain management is an important aspect of hip rehabilitation. The rehabilitation team at MedStar Rehabilitation Hip Physical Therapy provides a variety of pain management techniques, including medication management, therapeutic modalities, and manual therapy.


How to Contact Them:

The Hip Physical Therapy services at MedStar Rehabilitation may be reached by patients and their loved ones via the clinic’s website or by phone at (734) 844-0800.


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