Functional Capacity Evaluation Service

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FCE or Functional Capacity Evaluation is a well-known term in the business, where it is used by corporate, government officials, army, and other fields. The FCE is a powerful assessment that will help the participants understand the physical capabilities to attend the job and making it successful. Many companies won’t welcome an employee back, who is not fit to compete in day-to-day activities. You can take wrestling for instance, where injured wrestlers cannot make an in-ring come back without taking FCE at the performance center. Wrestling companies such as WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) would not take the risk to put a healing individual in front of the TV. The FCE process will help the WWE company to determine the wrestler’s ability to make an in-ring comeback.

What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is a term used to evaluate an individual for the work. The FCE is conducted on individuals who are willing to get back to work, and it is a physical & mental evaluation method. The FCE analyses the person’s health, mental health, physical health, and structure that are suitable for the job and environment.

Many work activities require healthy men & women, and the FCE is designed to evaluate the individual ability to participate in work. The participant has to go through many test phases to meet the job requirement and offer maximum performance to the job role. Your physical activity and overall health is tested during the process, and it is called Physical Capacity Assessment (PCA,) Physical Capacity Evaluation(PCE,) Work Capacity Assessment (WCA,) and Work Capacity Evaluation (WCE.)

The FCE is a structured assessment of the individual ability to get into the job or get back to work. The assessment is a series of training methods, where the participant has to prove that he/she is capable of going to work. Of course, it is a physical & mental performance-based measure so you can perform the physical demands of a job. The standard procedure is designed for the adults for young to old participants, and safety measures are taken care of it.

What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation Cost?

The FCE is not a cheap process and many facilities that conduct the tests in-house. Participants have to pay anywhere between $500 – $2000 and you should not be surprised by the independent tests. Of course, we did not mention the exact pricing model because of the frequency changes with the number of tests and what you have opted for from the list. There are many types of FCE assessments and the pricing differs from one bundle to another. You should consult the management for hidden costs or surprise costs because they may pop-up after you have paid the final bill.

We cannot list all types of FCE methods because it differs from one country to another country. However, the United States Social Security Administration added two types, which most of the countries follow it.

  • Mental Functional Capacity Evaluation (MFCE): The world does not take mental health seriously but corporate & government do take it into account and individual mental health is assessed. It is an important component because human beings have excellent physical healing ability but it takes a long time to heal emotionally. The assessment has a lot of emotional tasks that participants have to go through it but it is not the best yet. It is not an easy process to trick a human prepared for the test to determine the mental health status. However, it exists in the system and you should be able to go through it comfortably.
  • Physical Functional Capacity Evaluation (PFCE): If you were injured in the past or recently, then PFCE is a difficult test because you have to go through many tests. All physical tasks will be given and participants have to go through them to prove that they are fit to fill the day-to-day tasks. We have mentioned a number of physical tests that you have to go through it, so make sure to prepare yourself. We have to point out that it is a common procedure, which is suitable for most of adult men/women. However, it could be difficult for someone who has suffered grave injuries to the body.

The FCE cost on the national average is $900 and it might be lower in many countries. Consult with management for the entire assessment process and hidden charges to avoid further problems.

What are Functional Capacity Evaluation Tests?

We have mentioned two important types of Functional Capacity Evaluation Tests and it is difficult to cover mental & emotional part. However, the PFCE is probably the most obvious one because the pattern is similar anywhere in the world conducted by the professionals. We are going to look at the physical tasks that clients have to participate and prove themselves in on the paper.


Participants have to prove that they have excellent physical balance that healthy man & women have. The tasks is more or less like Police monitoring an individual in intoxicated state. The physical balance, while walking and running will determine the brain function and your body itself. It should be an easy task for a healthy individual with minor pre-extisting ailments like Type 2 Diabetes. However, it is a challenging task for a injured person, who have gone through brain, legs or hands injury. The assessment does not take longer than five minutes to determine the individual balance capabilities.

Reach & Flexibility

Your body has gone through some major changes over the years and the professional will check flexibility & reach. Of course, it is not an easy task for healthy people, who don’t work out daily. You have to put a lot of effort on the task because you have to go through a lot of tasks for A+ grade. Do not worry about advanced techniques because the program is designed for average people and if your job is extraordinary, then you can expect advanced methods as well. Let us assume that you are an athlete, then it’s not going to be an easy process for you.

Lifting Power

Weight lifting strength is a common procedure to find out the individual recuperation impact on health. Most of the clients will make it to the top until or unless you have suffered grave injury a few months back or long back. The program consists many lighting power levels and it will determine how ready you are to take the job. You can expect GYM equipment’s in the process like 1 KG dumbbell – 25 KG dumbbell and there could be more equipment to lift to determine the strength.

You have to find out what level do you have to pass for higher score and your job will decide that part. Readers have consult the management for the right score and they may not give you complete information on it. There are multiple power lifting levels and you have you go through each one of them for A+ score.

Push & Pull Power

Do not confuse push & pull power to weight lifting because it is a complete different task. The professional have setup wide-range of components in front of the participant. The client have to push & pull objects in the path in a sequence without taking a moment or break. The sequence will provide in-depth information about the physical stability and how much stamina you have in the body. Most of the healthy individual will easily complete the process and the intensity will depend on what you have signed up for. The push & pull strength is tested for individual with different job requirement and if your job is to join army, then it’s going to be a different regime. We cannot give you an exact picture of what’s coming because it differs from job-to-job.

Holding & Grasping Capabilities

Many jobs in the world require stable holding & grasping capabilities. You have to go through the holding & grasping tests to determine the strength of the person. Your job title is going to decide the intensity of the task and majority of the participants should be able to secure good marks by the end of the day. The intensity may increase for high physical demand job, so you have to prepare ahead of the tasks. The examiner will ask you to enter the room and there are many objects in different shapes & sizes. You have to hold them with one hand and two hands as per the examiner instructs. You don’t have the option to select the process because it is designed by the officials.

Bending Capabilities

The instructor will give you many tasks, where the participant have to bend to pick up the objects. You have to keep in mind that the objects come in different sizes, shapes, and weight class. The instructor will ask you to maintain a posture and you have to bend in the instructed in that posture. You cannot make a mistake here because you will lose points instantly, if you bend in the wrong manner. You can take a look at the illustrated pictures for visual presentation and perform as instructed. You ask for directions for the instructors and they will assist beginners. Do not directly dive into the process without asking for illustrations to avoid mistakes.

Stand, Sitting and Walk Capabilities

The functional capacity evaluation sample test consists of basic body movements. Many elderly men & women look for FCE certificate, so they can file for pension and government financial & health support. Majority of the individuals, who are trying to get back to work should be able to pass as it doesn’t have challenging part. However, it is a critical process for many individual to determine that they can attend to day-to-day duties.

We have covered all physical functional capacity evaluation tests that clients have to go through. The intensity differs for clients, who have different requirements and age is also considered. If a young person has gone through intense FCE, then an older individual doesn’t necessarily have to face the same process.

Who can Benefit from an FCE?

Readers have understood who can benefit from the FCE, and it is important to know why it is necessary.

  • Many corporate companies ask for an FCE certificate, so they can return to the job or get another one. An injured man or woman may not be welcomed to the job without FCE due to unknown health complications.
  • Mobile accidents are common in the world, and injured individuals have to prove capability to re-join the services. The FCE will determine the skills, physical ability, and mental state to ensure that they won’t suffer in the job and deliver decent performance throughout the journey.
  • Millions of people are going through health turmoil, and it is a necessity to receive vocational rehabilitation services.
  • Individuals have to provide a certificate to claim Social Security Disability benefits offered by the governments and foundations.
  • It is an assessment to prove that the student is not capable to attend the exam, and it will help the candidate to take special exams.

The FCE is an advanced technique, and the doctor issued certificate will come in handy to prove physical & mental abilities. Readers can take advantage of the certificate to prove physical abilities in every department and get a job or get back to the existing job. Many students do take this exam to determine skills and current physical state to seek additional time for recuperation.

What is Functional Capacity Evaluation Workers Compensation?

The FCE is the signal that you are coming to an end of the treatment, and the physician is ready to send you back to work. It is a way to telling, whether something is wrong or you are faking it. It is entirely up to you to give the best to complete the task without restrictions. The FCE is designed to determine your physical & emotional capability for the job, and it could be used to determine that you are not fit for the job. You have to keep in mind that it could be used to inform the company that you are fit to continue. Do your best in the physical test and be vocal with the physician to avoid problems.

A report is created, and after the FCE it will be provided to the treating physician, and the doctor will review it alongside you. Take the appointment seriously with the doctor and be vocal about how you felt during the Functional Capacity Evaluation rating test and later down the line. The doctor will understand the body reaction to the and provide a complete report on it. Remember, the doctor holds the keys to keep you in the company or send you away for resting time or with permanent restrictions.

An FCE is a scary news for an injured employee, and you can ease the fear by hiring an attorney, who understands the corporate terms. You can have the attorney by your side, so you know what you are dealing with here. An ordered FCE could mean that your claim is coming to an end, and you should have the attorney for settlement discussions. The advocate will assist you with the “Workers’ Compensation” system, and it will help you in many ways.

How to Beat a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

An FCE is ordered to end the claim of the individual and you have to do best or worst for the best of your interest. In short, it is up to your decision and what kind of situation you are in and that’s what going to decide. If I want to continue working in the company and reap the benefits of the organization, then I need positive results. I will do my best in the FCE test for the best of my interest and there’s no way to beat Functional Capacity Evaluation. However, we can suggest you a lot of tips that will help you in getting the best results by the end of the day.

  • We have mentioned the number of physical tests and you should start working out on a daily basis. It would take one week or two weeks for you to prepare yourself, so predict the moves early. In case, if you have one or two days of time, then 2 hours of training may help you a little. It is important to prepare yourself before the appointment and strengthen yourself.
  • The evaluator will take your maximum effort, pain behavior, and quality of movements into account. Do not show pain and maintain consistency in the performance to give the impression that you are 100% fit and healthy. Keep an eye on the evaluator notes because he or she will make a record to determine the reliability of the testing results.
  • You have to dig deeper into the department to find out how many breaks you get or allowed per session. Participants have to make the best out of the breaks because it is useful to regenerate the strength.
  • The evaluator has set up the room to push your strength to the maximum level and it is common to get tired and fatigue can hit you. You can inform the instructor about the fatigue, so you can get breaks. Don’t be surprised if you are tested twice for the same task and they may omit the same method to determine, whether it is safe or unsafe for you.
  • Remember, there is nothing wrong in unable to perform any further but if you lie to the evaluator to continue, then it is not a good idea. If you push yourself and not able to get the job done, then the evaluator will omit the test. Remember, if you fail in that test, then your reliability will be questioned and that’s not going to reflect well in your profile.
  • Don’t take unnecessary risk and if you are in pain, then ask the observer for a second-day return. Your exhaustion, pain, and other points will be recorded and you will be asked to come the next day.

Do not push yourself because this is a reliability test as well and you should take the necessary steps to perform the best you can.

Functional Capacity Evaluation Settlement Process

Your employer or insurance company is subjected to give you insurance and you can claim it if you do it the right way. Make sure to hire an attorney that will help you to create favorable points to claim insurance.

  • The attorney will jump into the matter and find out whether the insurance company will ask for FCE or not. The advocate will go through your physical aspects to understand whether FCE will help you or not.
  • The advocate will list out a number of tests included in the process that will help you in making the claim possible. The FCE will provide your disability and inability to do certain things to the maximum extent and it will help you in claiming the insurance.
  • The attorney office will collect medical history including pre-existing conditions to provide the FCE department. You don’t have to go through tests that may be risky in your current condition.
  • The attorney will look into the report to find out mistakes, irregularities, and inaccuracies and then solve it with the help of an addendum.
  • The advocate will go through the report to find out whether it will come in handy in a settlement. Once it is assessed by the attorney, then you will have a lot of favorable points.

You should consult an attorney for a clever settlement and claim the insurance or get the job back or look for an alternative job. Functional Capacity Evaluation is designed to determine your physical ability to return to the job, get another job, or claim long term disability insurance.

Feel free to ask any questions