Seating and Positioning Evaluations

According to a recent study hundreds of people suffer from defected seating and postural positions. Your posture defines the longitivity of your life. Your bad posture can take a serious toll on your health. If your posture and your seating position is not good and you have the habit of sitting for long hours, then several sorts of pain could even develop in your body.

At Medstar Rehab, our evaluating therapists record a broad assessment that gives a detailed account of joint limitations and functional barriers and also lets us to identify patient specific barriers that are an obstruction in proper positioning.

Different body ailments are also examined that somewhere are contributing to abnormal posture. Abnormal body postures leads to muscle weakness. There are also times when we are unaware of the abnormal body posture.

This can be seen especially in kids, young adults and elderly people. Even a well planned seating assessment is carried out. With guiding you the right posture and the seating manner, we also help you to review your current positioning equipment. Also we help you in maintain your posture and also help you to relieve you and your body from pain and even relieving your pain from the current chair.

These small efforts put down by yourself and our expert team makes you more independent, to function properly and to become more productive. A proper and efficient seating position and proper posture also helps to prevent medical, orthopedic, and related skin problems generally caused by poor seating and abnormal posture.

How Does Seating And Positioning Evaluations Works?

We at Medstar Rehab treat all types of persons and even people suffering or underwent through any spinal cord injury, stroke, and any case of multiple sclerosis, syndrome arising out of post polio condition, cerebral palsy, sores, brain injury or any issue related to orthopedic or neurological disorder.

During the diagnosis and assessment, the medical history, activity needs, sensation, magnitude of motion and strength, environmental needs, etc are being evaluated. The aim of this evaluation is just maximize the client’s positioning and functional needs and even improvement in the goals that are for home and community mobility.

In addition to this, clients are also recommended for related equipments that can be used by them to improve their seating position and posture. All these things help to built up more comfort, maximize breathing and making the individual independent in every sense so that he/ she could also maximize his/ her functioning.

Through our comprehensive method in dealing, step by step evaluation and assessment, our services even after your evaluation and treatment gives you not just an assurance but also certain goals that you could achieve.

  • The first step is to evaluate the client’s functional ability majorly assessing the client’s flexibility and range of motion.
  • Then the most appropriate seating arrangement is selected.
  • After this different seating and commercial mobility equipment are tried and then the best fitted one is selected.
  • Then different sorts of pressure reliefs such as cushions are also tried to ensure comfort and safety.

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