Paraffin Wax Therapy

Is your pain not in a mood to leave your body? Or are you tired of just relieving temporarily from your pains? Then the answer to all these questions is to just go for paraffin wax therapy. Paraffin Wax Treatment Therapy is available at Medstar Rehab, your therapeutic partner. Paraffin wax unit is basically a machine that first heats and then holds the paraffin wax.

Paraffin wax is a type of wax that is generally used for candles.  Through this therapy, the wax completely covers the hand or any other body part. After this, the relief process starts. Because is quite warm so it helps in providing warmth and relief to the pain affected area.

The paraffin wax treatment also uses warm oil-based wax to provide relief from the stubborn pain in hands, feet, sore joints, muscles, etc. Besides relieving the body from prolonged pains, it softens the skin thus providing skin benefits. With our specialists, we at Medstar Rehab help you in relieving your pain through the paraffin wax therapy.

How Does Paraffin Wax Treatment Works?

Paraffin wax therapy is helpful in treating even severe pain. It is even known as a deep heat therapy. The paraffin is first liquefied paraffin wax and it is quite very efficient at absorbing and retaining heat. The affected hands and foot are then dipped into the liquefied paraffin wax and the heat is then transferred from the wax to the affected areas and then in few minutes the wax solidifies your hands.

The heat has the healing affect and also helps in increasing circulation and relieves pain and stiffness from hands and foot. Besides from relieving pain, the paraffin wax therapy helps in skin softening and also leads to an increase blood supply to the skin.

Benefits Of Paraffin Wax Therapy

Apart from nourishing your skin, paraffin wax therapy has even therapeutic benefits. This therapy can be useful for treating multifarious types of pain and diseases. It can be helpful in relieving pain in hands and foot especially for the people who are suffering from:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • fibromyalgia
  • any other joint mobility issues

Wax therapy can work wonders on any joint stiffness and can even increase the blood flow, helps in relaxing your stressed out muscles. It can be an effective therapy to treat inflammations as well. At Medstar Rehab, our experts helps in dealing with sore joints and muscles by providing paraffin wax therapy service.

Apart from having therapeutic benefits, the white, colorless soft paraffin wax also offers cosmetic benefits. As it is made up saturated hydrocarbons, it can be used as skin softening agent for hands, feet, etc. These days it is even widely used in salons to open the blocked pores and even to remove dead skin thus making your skin supple and soft.

This in return makes your skin look fresher and smoother. It also helps in improving the moisture levels of your skin and protecting your skin from extreme dryness. Considering its relieving and cosmetic benefits, this makes paraffin wax therapy a must try thing. MedStar Rehabilitation also provides many services, such as inpatient physical therapy, child occupational therapy and Myofascial Release & Massage services.

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