Anodyne therapy is a non-invasive and effective treatment option for those suffering from chronic pain and other conditions. It is safe and has no known side effects, and it is gaining popularity among healthcare providers in Michigan. If you are struggling with chronic pain, talk to your healthcare provider to see if anodyne therapy may be a good fit for you. 

The therapy uses infrared light to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation, providing relief for those who have not found success with traditional methods. If you want treatment, you can get Anodyne therapy in Michigan now.

How Does Anodyne Therapy Work?

A device that emits infrared light is applied to the affected area during an anodyne therapy session. As the light permeates the skin, blood flow is boosted and inflammation is diminished. By bringing oxygen and nutrients to the area, this increase in blood flow aids in healing and lessens discomfort. Numerous illnesses, such as chronic pain, neuropathy, and joint and muscle pain, have been demonstrated to respond favorably to its use in treatment.

The therapy is non-invasive having several benefits.

Anodyne Therapy in Michigan


Reduced Pain and Inflammation

One of the most significant benefits of anodyne therapy is the ability to reduce pain and inflammation in the body. This can be beneficial and really helpful to those who face conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain or fibromyalgia.

Improved Circulation

Anodyne therapy also improves circulation throughout the body. This therapy can be helpful for those with diabetes or peripheral vascular disease, as these conditions can cause poor circulation in the legs and feet.

Reduced Symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy

Anodyne therapy has been shown to be effective in reducing numbness, tingling, and pain. These symptoms are treated to provide better overall quality of life for those with diabetic neuropathy.

Non-Invasive and Safe

A safe and non-invasive treatment alternative is anodyne therapy. Infrared light, which is safe for the body, is used in the therapy. Anodyne therapy doesn’t have any unfavorable side effects or hazards like some other treatment choices.

Convenient Therapy

Anodyne therapy is also convenient and easy to apply. It can also be done with the help of a specialist at your own home with a portable device. This makes it an accessible and convenient treatment option for many people.

Why Choose Anodyne Therapy At Med Star Rehabilitation Center

At Med Star Rehabilitation, we offer this therapy to help our patients achieve optimal health and wellness. The team ensures everyone is checked properly, and on time. So no patient is left behind. Numerous services are included as an additional perk. Here are some reasons to go for Anodyne therapy at MedStar Rehabilitation.

Anodyne Therapy in Michigan

Non-Invasive and Safe

Anodyne therapy is a non-invasive treatment option that uses infrared light to stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation in the body. This makes it a great solution for those seeking an escape from more invasive procedures like surgery or injections. It is also a safe treatment option that has minimal side effects, making it a great choice for patients of all ages.

Targeted Relief

Anodyne therapy is designed to target specific areas of the body that are affected by pain or inflammation. This makes it an ideal option for patients who have chronic pain conditions such as neuropathy, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. By targeting specific areas of the body, Anodyne therapy can provide relief to patients who have not been able to find relief with other treatments.

Quick and Convenient

Anodyne therapy sessions are quick and convenient, making it easy for patients to fit them into their busy schedules. Sessions typically last between 15 and 30 minutes, and patients can return to their normal activities immediately after the treatment. As a patient, you will get quicker treatment to relieve yourself from pain and relax for a while.

Highly Skilled and Experienced Team

At Med Star Rehabilitation, our team of highly skilled and experienced therapists is dedicated to providing the best possible care to our patients. Our therapists are trained in the use of Anodyne therapy and have the knowledge and expertise to customize treatment plans to meet the specific needs of each patient.

Positive Results

Numerous illnesses, including inflammation, neuropathy, and chronic pain, have been successfully treated using anodyne therapy. Many patients who have undergone Anodyne therapy have reported significant improvements in their pain levels and overall quality of life.

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