Sports Rehabilitation Service

Don’t let your pain become a hindrance in your sports. We at Medstar Rehab provide sports rehabilitation also. If you are the one who has developed any injury or pain during any sports activity, or you might have undergone some operation but still you haven’t recovered or you have come to realize that your pain has decided not to leave you, then just a knock at Medstar Rehab sports rehabilitation services can solve all your pain-related issues.

Through our customized process of sports rehabilitation service, we minimize the loss that is associated with an acute injury or chronic disease, restore the functional capacity, and raise the standards of fitness and performance.

It has been observed that musculoskeletal injuries are being caused during participation in sports. We not only manage and rehabilitate your sports injury but also try to prevent any such injuries with our best treatments.

Medstar Rehab’s therapists first assess your physical injury that helps them to have a proper diagnosis of your pain or injury. Then after the complete diagnosis, our therapists tailor a customized recovery plan that helps you and your body to return to optimum function, physical activity, and improved mobility.

Our recovery plans are designed in such a way that it relieves your body from all types of pain whether you have been suffering from chronic pain.

After this, the coordination of your therapy sessions with any of your training activities is undertaken to avoid over-training. This also helps to reduce the risk of further re-occurrence of injury.

Then we help you improve your performance goals by continuous monitoring and further adjusting your personalized plan as and when needed.

We at Medstar Rehab deal with several injuries that include the following list:

  • We deal with years-long back pain that includes lower back pain, sciatica (that has actually no treatment except physical therapy), disc problems.
  • Any pains and sprains caused in ankles, knees, hip, etc that have become an impediment in
    your daily activities
  • Recovery from any post-operative condition or any replacements such as joint replacement undergone through
  • Recovery from and rehabilitation for crucial ligament
  • Pain or any injury discovered in the elbow
  • Several injuries that have not been diagnosed properly and efficiently
  • Condition of any post-surgery such as spinal surgery
  • Fractures
  • Any sort of pain that has become chronic and long-lasting
  • Activities that are certainly causing strain in your injury areas
  • Condition of arthritis

The ultimate goal of Medstar Rehab is to eliminate the pain or injury from its root and to bring back your body in the frame of original functioning. Our physical therapy and sports rehabilitation services not only eases your body from all pain and ailments but also safeguards your body from further injuries or pain.

Whether your pain is new or whether your pain has been your friend from past years, don’t get habitual of your pain or injuries. Your body doesn’t worth giving up. Talk to our expert team and get released yourself from the bondage of pain.

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