Pool therapy is actually a treatment that is performed in pool or water from where it actually got its name. This therapy eases your body, makes you fit besides providing you with other therapeutic benefit. Its therapeutic benefits include treating of neurological disorders, recovering from spinal pain, musculoskeletal pain, or even any orthopedic pain or disorder, pediatric disabilities, muscle spasms, back pain, fibromyalgia, etc.

We have studied during our early years that once you step into the water, water gives back the equivalent force which you gives to it and creates buoyancy. Also this buoyant force also gives an upward thrust to the person. This force acts against gravity. The created buoyancy now helps in decreasing the amount of weight bearing thus easing the stress in your various body parts. People suffering from arthritis, fractured bones that needs proper healing or even who are overweight can be benefitted from this pool therapy. It also helps in strengthening of muscles.

At Medstar Rehab, we also utilize hydrostatic pressure that helps you by relieving from all your pains and also helps in improving your joint related issues, ligament tear, sprains, tissue swelling, any injury, disorders related to orthopedic. This hydrostatic pressure not only relieves your body from pains but also uplifts your mood. Sometimes, we are so caught up in our daily monotonous routines that we forget that our body is calling for a relaxation. Even if you are not suffering from any sort of regular pain then also this therapy lessen down the magnitude of stress.

Pool therapy is even recommended even to people suffering or undergoing from any sort of trauma. For such it is difficult to perform exercises on land. It becomes easier for them to perform exercises in water. The best part of pool therapy is that one can perform several exercises with minimum use of equipments. Even people suffering from depression, can go for pool therapy as this therapy is really a stress buster by uplifting your mood and diverting your attention. It is even a recommended therapy for people suffering from any cardiovascular diseases or disorders as it improves the circulation of blood in various parts of the body.

Apart from providing therapeutic benefits, pool therapy also provides resistance for toning exercises. This therapy is also effective in losing weight as one works harder in a pool rather than on the land. Your muscles require working harder in order to move water. Pool therapy is actually an overall movement of your body. If you do not find time, for regular exercises, then you must go for pool therapy with our specialists and therapists at Medstar Rehab. But one should not confuse pool therapy with swimming. This is beyond swimming. Pool therapy is not limited to only physical movement but it also helps you to build stronger emotional and psychological insights.  Besides that, pool therapy also enhances confidence, provides peace by making the body calm and increases the ability to focus and concentrate and lessen down the pangs of anxiety and stress.