Hand Rehabilitation Service

Hand Rehabilitation is actually a type of therapy for the people suffering from a condition that is affecting their hands and upper extremities. It is usually performed by an occupational therapist or physical therapist. Hand rehabilitation helps the people to regain their normal lifestyle and even helps them to make it a productive one.

People, who have been affected by any trauma or accident, even injured tendons or nerves, or even amputations of the fingers, arms or hands. Hand rehabilitation helps you to recover from severe conditions that ultimately lead to an improved life.

In hand rehabilitation a number of therapeutic exercises and interventions are used that helps a person to return back to his/her work effectively and efficiently. At Medstar Rehab, our skilled and certified therapists tailor a treatment according to you and your needs. Our team coordinates with you even after the treatment so that you can match your individual goals.

What Does Hand Rehabilitation Deal With?

Hand rehabilitation can actually work wonders and can help you to bring your daily normal lifestyle back. At Medstar Rehab, we have our hand therapists that support you, ease you from all kinds of pains (relating to hands and upper extremities) and you can enjoy your daily routine without any interruption. Hand rehabilitation deal with ample of ailments such as:

  • Any kind of hand trauma
  • Any ligament or tendon tear
  • Infections related to hands
  • Any sports injury
  • Condition of dislocation or fracture
  • Stroke
  • Condition arising out of any neurological disorder
  • Experiencing stiffness
  • Sensitivity issue
  • Post surgery condition
  • Reduction in swelling
  • Management of scars
  • Healing of wounds
  • Situation arising from diabetes
  • Psychological disorder
  • Any sort of anomalies seen at the time of birth

The best part of having hand rehabilitation at Medstar Rehab is that we deal with immediate and fast recovery without any operation. This treatment helps you to recover from chronic pains and you learn to feel again with our highly experienced staff.

At Medstar Rehab, our hand therapists also provide you with some home exercises programs that help to strengthen you and your hand movements. We also help you get back to your work in a better manner. Apart from this, you can even recover from stiffness if you are experiencing it.

Sometimes it might happen that you are working in a wrong manner and because of your working style you have developed a pain. So at Medstar Rehab, we even tell you the right way to work so that you do not develop any pain.

Working System For Hand Rehabilitation

  • The first step is doing a thorough computerized evaluation of your condition.
  • Then it to tailor a recovery and comprehensive plan according to you and your condition.
  • Then is the focus on work simulation
  • Then the pain controlling mode is witched on
  • Then the soft tissue are mobilized
  • Finally you start seeing a change in you as well as your pain.
  • Our team still stays in touch even after your treatment, monitoring your performance.

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