Electro Therapy Service

Electro therapy is a therapy that is used as a medical treatment and uses electric energy for the treatment. Electric therapy is a technique used in mostly neurological disorders or diseases by stimulating the brain through electric shocks. Electric stimulation is also used to relieve you and your bodies from prolonged and stubborn pain.

The use of electric therapy started first in ancient Rome in 63 A.D.  It gained a rapid momentum in 16th to 18th centuries where multifarious electrostatic devices were used that helped in the treatment of severe headaches and other types of pains. Now-a-days it has become an effective therapy to lower down pain and many other related issues.

This effective therapy uses electrical signals that actually interfere with the transmission of neural pain signals into the brain. After this electro therapy slows down or generally distracts the message from the nerves to the brain. In lay man’s term, electro therapy affects the patient ‘Pain Door’.

When conventional medicines fail to cure then this therapy proves to be effective in curing and curbing your pain. Also Electro therapy can even be used for healing purposes in regards to tissue damage.

At Medstar Rehabilitation Services, electro therapy service is administered by a team of trained medical professionals that not only diagnose your problem properly but also look out for a proper and effective cure.

Conditions Treated Through Electro Therapy

There are a wide range of conditions that are treated through electro therapy exclusively at Medstar Rehab. These are as follows:


Electro therapy is quite useful in the treatment of people suffering from severe depression and where medication is not proving to be useful enough. At Medstar Rehab the focus is not just to cure your disease but to improve your quality of life. If the patient is showing any risky behavior or is suffering from any severe mania then he/she should immediately seek help from a rehab.


Arthritis is actually a prolonged disease and can even be cured via electro therapy.

Low back pain or neck pain:

One should seek immediate help from the rehab if the pain in your back or neck is just worsening. Medicines, sometimes, give you relief for just a brief period of time.

During pregnancy:

Electro therapy is even be used at the time of pregnancy when there is a risk that certain medicines could harm the baby. It can even be taken at the time of labour pain.

Cancer Pain:

It is regarded as one of the severe pains and the intensity of pain can be lower down with electro therapy at Medstar Rehab.

Muscle stimulation:

Electro therapy can even be sought for muscle stimulation that helps to prevent muscle wastage. Electro Therapy can be taken if you want to increase the local blood flow. Any disorder or disease related joint, bone, or muscle even whether you are suffering from osteoporosis or fibromyalgia. Inflammation caused in muscle tissue or the condition of tendinitis

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