Orthopedics Deficits

Our body could develop certain deficits in regards to bones and muscles. The job of bones is not only to hold our body together but it is more than that. Bones basically help in providing mechanical support to our body. They are made up active tissues that keep on remodeling itself. But with the passage of time, this process of remodeling slows down or even we undergo some surgery but the surgery sometimes curtails our movement and even pain also develops. Sometimes we take medicines or go for a massage occasionally, but this is not the real solution.The real and proper solution is to seek a therapy which helps in not only improving the condition but also helps to restore back the proper functioning of the body. Broken bones, or any orthopedic injury or any other orthopedic deficit can be corrected from occupational therapy through our expert and well- experienced team of professionals or therapists at   https://medstarrehabilitation.com/

Occupational therapists first evaluate the client’s orthopedic condition. After proper diagnosis of the problem, suitable treatment is provided and a proper education is being channelized on the conditions that are related to the hands and upper extremities. This therapy is also inclusive of post-operative condition, preventative, and also non-operative treatment. The main role of an occupational therapy is to promote health, prevent injury or disability and which has or could develop, improve, sustain thus helping in the restoration of the highest possible level of independence.

We, at Medstar Rehab, understand the pain of being dependent on others or suffering from any injury or our bodies being subjected to pain. Rather than relying upon the medicines, we at Medstar Rehab try to curb your pain to the fullest so that your body doesn’t only becomes pain free but also you will not develop the pain in your life again.

Occupational therapists often deal with the following orthopedic issues:

  • Any injuries related to work also including lower back problems
  • Injuries related to Spinal cord
  • Developed a fractures or any other injuries arisen from sports or accidents
  • Arthritis
  • Body limitations that have followed because of a stroke or heart attack
  • Any birth injuries or birth defects
  • Injured nerves
  • Amputations
  • Post surgical condition or operative conditions

A proper treatment of the condition or an injury helps in the recovery of patients from hand or upper extremity injuries. At Medstar Rehab, we provide client centered rehabilitation program. Even after the therapy is done, we provide certain facilities that help the clients to prevent such pains or any orthopedic related issues from developing again. At Medstar Rehab, you will find a wide range of skilled orthopedic surgeons that treat conditions varying from injury in Tennis Elbows, modalities such as splints, soft braces, tendon repairs, pain management, improving daily lifestyle, therapeutic modalities, etc.

Occupational therapy is not limited to adults even it can be accessed for the children as well. Therapists help in refining the motor skills of the children and even educate the parents about safe and effective methods that can be used for taking care of the children.

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