Physical Therapy In Wyandotte, MI (Michigan)

In the Michigan county of Wayne is Wyandotte, which has a population of 25,156, 10,625 households, where anyone can have health-related problems. When a physical injury is caused, an urge to get the right treatment increases and people look for the right doctors, physicians, and therapists. Our physical therapists are licensed and practice in a variety of healthcare facilities, including outpatient clinics, private practices, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, and nursing homes.

The goal of physical therapy at Med Star Rehabilitation is to prevent further illness or impairment while also increasing a patient’s mobility and quality of life. Home health, hospices, workplace settings, sports facilities, schools, and governmental organizations, are all the places where we serve. In case you are looking for Wyandotte physical therapy, we are here to help.

Our Aim

Our team does business in a proficient and economical manner. According to the most current outcome research, 90% of patients with orthopaedic and pain disorders experience remission. The group frequently organizes and takes part in health fairs for senior living homes and services. 

The ordinary family can usually afford therapy in Wyandotte, but a serious commitment to weekly counselling may need some careful budgeting. Keep in mind how crucial your happiness and mental health are. If there are any accessibility issues, contact physical therapy Wyandotte about insurance coverage or about sliding scale pricing.

Check with your neighbourhood Wyandotte public health department to see if any of the listed municipal and university level clinics also offer low-cost counselling and economical therapy.

What Treatment Do We Offer?


This method of delivering some drugs, like topical steroids, involves electrical current. This may lessen inflammation’s presence.

Light therapy:

For the treatment of specific medical disorders, special lights and lasers are used.

Heat, moist heat, and cold therapy:

These treatments may be helpful for a variety of ailments.

Electrical stimulation (e-stim):

E-stim comes in two varieties. Pain is lessened with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. In contrast, neuromuscular electrical stimulation improves muscular engagement by stimulating the muscle motor units.

Advantages Of Our Physical Therapy

Therapeutic exercises or treatments with electrical stimulation may be utilized to reduce pain and restore muscle and joint function. Additionally, these therapies can prevent the discomfort from returning.

  • Physical treatment before surgery may be beneficial even if surgery is required. In many cases, getting stronger and in better shape before surgery will help you recover from it faster. 
  • With this therapy, you might regain your mobility with strength and flexibility exercises. Physical therapists can evaluate a patient’s need for an orthotic prescription and fit them with a cane, crutches, or any other necessary assistive device. By developing a customized individual care plan, any task that is essential to a person’s life can be practised and tweaked to ensure maximum performance and safety.
  • Physical Therapy Wyandotte Michigan can also make it easier for stroke patients to move around in bed, provide them more freedom indoors, and reduce their need for other people for daily tasks like dressing, bathing, and using the restroom.
  • When it’s a part of a comprehensive diabetes treatment strategy, exercise can effectively control blood sugar. 
  • Physical therapists are aware of the ways that different sports can increase your risk of developing specific ailments. They are able to design specialized exercise regimens for your recovery or prevention so that you can return to your sport safely.
  • Increase your balance to avoid falls. Before beginning physical therapy, a fall risk assessment will be performed on you.

If you have a high risk of falling, our therapists will give you exercises that slowly and safely test overall balance in order to replicate real-life situations. Additionally, your therapists might provide you with exercises and walking aids to help you restore your coordination. The specialists can help by offering and educating these patients on proper foot care to prevent further problems.

Our therapists can carry out particular exercises that can rapidly restore appropriate vestibular functioning, lessen, and even completely eradicate vertigo or dizziness sensations when the balance issue is brought on by a vestibular system issue.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Therapists

Only therapists with proper credentials will administer your treatment. Our facility has to offer all the top therapists at your service to get you under regular check-ups and fix you up in no time.

Individualized Care

You’ll get a thorough, personalized therapy individually. All of your actions will be kept under screening and your health will be checked on a regular basis.

Advocates Network

We will collaborate closely with all of your medical professionals. Our therapists have training and certification in several forms of therapy.

Goals for Therapy

The best approach to achieving success is through setting goals. We understand that experiencing pain can cause anxiety, discomfort, and a lack of clarity regarding how we can assist.

Feel free to ask any questions