Occupational Therapy Service in Canton, Michigan

One of the best places to get manual therapy in Canton, Michigan, is Medstar Rehabilitation. The goal is to make people’s lives better by taking good care of them. Our goal is to give people the tools they need to become as independent as possible and get their quality of life back. At Medstar Rehabilitation, we’re proud of our team of approved occupational therapists who are highly skilled and have a lot of experience in many different areas of occupational therapy. We are committed to staying at the top of our field by using the most recent, evidence-based practises and new ways to help people.

Types of Occupational Therapy We Offer:

At Medstar Rehabilitation, we offer a comprehensive range of occupational therapy types to cater to the diverse needs of our patients, including different sort of occupational therapies.

Paediatric Occupational Therapy:

Occupational therapy for kids is a type of therapy that works on developmental goals, sensory integration, fine motor skills, and play-based interventions. Medstar Rehabilitation gives it to people. Our therapists work with families and schools to help kids learn how to live and get along with others better.

Neurological Occupational Therapy:

Our skilled therapists come up with individualised methods for people with neurological conditions like stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and multiple sclerosis. Treatment includes brain rehabilitation, tools for adapting, and relearning how to do everyday things so the person can be more independent.

Geriatric Occupational Therapy:

Geriatric therapy takes into account the unique needs of older people, such as avoiding falls, teaching ADLs, making sure the home is safe, and protecting joints. Our goal is to help seniors improve their health and stay in their own houses as long as possible.

Hand Therapy:

For conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, hand fractures, and hand injuries, Medstar Rehabilitation offers specialised hand treatment. Our trained hand therapists use exercises and other techniques to help the hand work better and heal faster.

What We Offer in Occupational Therapy:

At Medstar Rehabilitation, our occupational therapy services are designed to give people who want to be more independent personalised and loving general health care. Our qualified occupational therapists work hard to help people of all ages solve problems and improve their skills so they can do everyday things with confidence and success.

Tailored Treatment Plans:

At Medstar Rehabilitation, the manual therapy plans are made to fit each person’s needs. Our therapists do thorough evaluations to find problem areas and make individualised treatment plans to improve practical results.

Help with Activities of Daily Living (ADL):

Medstar Rehabilitation can help people who have trouble with self-care tasks like getting dressed, taking care of their hair, and making food.

Our therapists work with their patients to come up with plans and changes that will help them do these things more freely and with more confidence.

Advice on Adaptive and Helpful Equipment and Devices:

Medstar Rehabilitation’s occupational therapy includes tips and training on how to use tools and aids that are made for people with disabilities. With these tools, people can do things that are hard or impossible for them to do because of their bodies.

Work and Getting New Job Skills:

Our occupational therapists help people who want to go back to work or do their jobs better. We help people get jobs by giving them services like job analysis, making changes to the workplace, and skill training.

Treatment for a stroke or a traumatic brain injury (TBI):

People who have had a stroke or a major brain injury can get specialised occupational therapy treatments to help with their cognitive, motor, and sensory issues.

Our goal is to help people feel better and teach them new ways to get better at things they do every day.

Rehabilitation for Injuries:

At Medstar Rehabilitation, people who are getting better from accidents like breaks, sprains, and musculoskeletal trauma can get full occupational therapy services. Our trainers focus on helping patients regain their mobility, strength, and ability to do everyday things on their own.

Supportive setting:

At Medstar Rehabilitation, we try to make a warm, supportive setting where patients can feel motivated and encouraged as they go through treatment. We care for people with kindness, so every patient gets the time and help they need to get better.

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