Physical Therapy In Canton, MI (Michigan)

Treating your body at the right time after any accident is crucial so that you don’t have to face difficulties later on in your life. Medically necessary physical therapy services are covered by healthcare facilities like hospitals, where physical therapy is also involved. In Canton, the best physical therapists are now available to those who want to get their body therapy to get relief from their stress and pain.

In addition to managing post-operative orthopaedic and general neurological problems, our physical therapists and occupational therapists are specialists in general adult and pediatric orthopaedics, including torticollis, spine, and extremities dysfunctions. To get physical therapy in Canton Michigan, you are required to submit yourself to our experts and let yourself be free of any pain.

Get Canton Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a treatment meant to reduce discomfort and improve your ability to move, function, and live. Your requirements can be met by our therapists who focus on your health, pelvic floor rehabilitation, and hand therapy. Before beginning their course of treatment, a patient can inquire with their practitioner if they are unsure whether the facility will pay for their Canton physical therapy

Whether a patient attends physical therapy with the expectation that they would pay with Medicare, the physical therapy office should let them know if it’s feasible that Medicare won’t cover the necessary physical therapy services. This enables a person to reduce unforeseen medical expenses. 

How Our Physical Therapy Works

The PT will examine you and determine your needs during your initial therapy session. They will ask you about your pain or other problems, your mobility or ability to carry out daily tasks, the quality of your sleep, and your medical history. Prior to developing a care plan to address each, the objective is to determine the diagnosis of your ailment, its underlying causes, and any limits it has brought about or made worst.

Your ability to manoeuvre, reach, bend or grasp objects will be evaluated by the PT using a variety of tests.

  • Your stamina and balance when moving about.
  • How well you can climb stairs or stroll.

Our Specialties

Workplace Therapy

Resuming your favourite everyday pursuits will help. Your return to work and play will be assisted by our occupational therapists. Physical therapy in Canton is the best service provided to any patient. Exercises will be changed by our occupational therapists to suit your requirements and minimize discomfort.

Hand Therapy

Occupational therapists that specialize in treating conditions that affect the hands include certified hand therapists. Returning to work and your favourite pastimes requires that you regain motion and reduce pain. Our hand therapists will come up with a treatment strategy to help you resume your regular activities.

Conditioning for Work

We offer a work conditioning program that is made to get patients ready to go back to work safely and be able to do their jobs well. In order to enable patients to return to work without experiencing discomfort, it is tailored to their unique job limits.

Special Treatment Cases

  • Running Injuries
  • Lower Back Pain Management
  • Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation
  • Weight Lifting Injuries
  • Back Injuries
  • Knee Injuries
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Upper & Lower Extremity Injuries and Disorders
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Pain Management
  • Core Conditioning
  • Foot Injuries
  • Hip Injuries
  • Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Management
  • Pre-Op Rehabilitation
  • Post-Op Rehabilitation
  • Ultrasound
  • Workers Comp

Treating Your Muscles

Exercises or stretches recommended by our therapist, massage, heat, cold, warm water therapy, or ultrasound to relieve muscle pain or spasms, rehabilitation to help you learn to use an artificial limb, and practice using mobility aids like a cane or walker may all be part of your therapies. The therapist will keep track of your development and modify your treatments as needed.

Between appointments, you can practice the activities your therapist instructs you in. You can do this to maintain your goals and advance your fitness. The therapist will stay in touch regularly to keep you informed about various things.

Why Choose Us?

Med Star Rehabilitation has developed a reputation as a leader in Michigan’s healthcare industry by enhancing the quality of life for the patients and helping them get back to work, sports, and the way of life they had before suffering an injury or undergoing surgery. Physical therapy is the treatment of choice for anyone experiencing sudden or recurring muscular or joint discomfort. 

Our service provides physical therapy with a focus on sports-related, orthopaedic, and musculoskeletal ailments. The physical therapists concentrate on the unique requirements of each patient and create individualized, specially designed therapy plans that are the fastest, safest paths to recovery. You won’t be disappointed by the staff and working environment of our facility once you get yourself treated properly.

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